Success Stories

Read about our customers’ experiences to find out why we’re the best dermatology clinic of Idaho.

Abby Clark

North Idaho

Dr. Hill is AMAZING!! She takes the time to listen and is extremely compassionate. She put me on a routine no dermatologist ever had before and my skin has never been so clear! I wish I could post before and after photos on here. She has given me a fresh start with acne free skin and I couldn’t be more thankful! Thank you Dr. Hill!

Anna Andrews

North Idaho

I’ve been here for multiple visits for multiple reasons, and each time made me look forward to returning. The staff is friendly and helpful, answering my questions with a smile. When looking for products I was given both pros and cons of the different ones, instead of them just looking to sell the more expensive one by making it seem so much better. The services were done professionally and kindly, making sure I was comfortable, and explaining each process in a simple and easy to understand (for those of us not in the medical field) way, and made sure I knew they were doing to me. You can tell they genuinely care about their patients, and do their best to do their best.

Amanda Heath,

North Idaho

My first visit went amazing. I went in slightly nervous but left extremely happy with the whole experience. Cant wait to go to my following appoints.

Cate Reinig,

Post Falls, Idaho

I am always treated with respect and care and Carolyn is great. She does a thorough check, but still in and out quickly. I also purchased make-up this time and the person helping me at the counter was also very good at what she does. Matched my color right away. Good eye! I’m sorry I do not know her name. But thanks!

Jim Custer,

Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

Doctor Hill, took care and removed a cancer area on my arm. A biopsy was taken earlier. She explained everything before and after the surgery. I am extremely please with the way I was treated.