North Idaho Dermatology treats a wide range of conditions. Scroll down to see some of the conditions we specialize in.

Treatment of Skin Cancer

Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most common form of skin cancer, as well as the most common of all cancers. It’s almost always caused by chronic exposure to sunlight — especially sunburns

Our team consists of several professionals who specialize in skin cancer treatment, so you’ll be in good hands.

Acne Treatment

Although acne is a common and treatable condition, severe acne can cause severe physical, emotional and social problems.

Our providers will help you discover and implement treatment options that are customized to your needs.

Eczema Treatment

Eczema, or dermatitis as it is sometimes called, is a group of skin conditions which can affect all age groups. The severity of the disease can vary. In mild forms the skin is dry, hot and itchy, whilst in more severe forms the skin can become broken, raw and bleeding.

You can put your trust in North Idaho Dermatology specialists to provide you with the care of the highest quality.

Mole Removal Services

Moles, or nevi (singular: nevus), are the most common skin growth. They can be present at birth or acquired throughout life, but most occur by the age of 20, increasing throughout childhood, peaking in adolescence, and waning in older adulthood. Moles can appear anywhere on the skin in various sizes and shapes.

If you notice sudden growth, new moles, or skin discoloration, or wonder how to remove moles, schedule an appointment and visit North Idaho Dermatology as soon as possible.

Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis is characterized by thick and red areas of the skin which are covered by scaly white discolorations. These plaques, as they’re commonly referred to, most commonly occur on the scalp, knees and elbows, but can occur on any part of the body.

Our goal is to educate you about psoriasis, and develop a treatment plan that will help you lead a healthy lifestyle and manage your condition.

Precancerous Lesions

Precancerous lesions are scaly or crusty bumps that form on the skin surface and have the potential to become cancerous. They can be very small or grow up to the size of a penny. They can vary in color, lightness, and other features.

North Idaho Dermatology professionals are skilled at diagnosing and treating various types of precancerous lesions.

Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery, also called Mohs micrographic surgery, is a specialized technique for removing skin cancer. It’s an outpatient procedure that’s performed under local anesthesia; therefore the risks associated with prolonged general anesthesia are avoided.

It’s a precise surgical technique, and our team will make sure that it’s performed at the highest standard.

Other Skin Conditions

Whatever your skin condition, you’ll find caring professionals who have the combination of experience, knowledge and empathy to treat not just your skin condition, but to treat you, the patient.